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The market the Soviets couldn't shut down

Ihor Yatsenko of FirstNews describes the Seventh Kilometer, an Odesa institution:

...this combination of odd bits and pieces has become a merchandising attraction that draws hundreds of busloads of wholesale and retail buyers every day that together spend more money than the retail volume of some of the largest shopping centers in Europe and the United States.

Pierre Omidyar on microfinance, too

Business Week have an interview with Pierre Omidyar, the brains behind eBay. He and his wife are donating $100m to Tuft's University to create a new fund for microfinance. Old news? Omidyar talks about consolidation and the difference between funds run for a social mission and funds run for profit. (He prefers the profit-driven funds.) I found the interview well worth a look:

Why do people give aid?

In this weekend’s Washington Post Jacqueline Salmon asks why private aid donations occur when they do. More specifically, she looks at financial donations of Americans  (see graph) – but the questions and suggested answers are relevant to all groups and aid agencies. So what triggers that "must-give" button? She claims:

What are your development goals?

Strategists envision development scenarios, policy makers set development targets. But what are your personal goals? If you are a member of a development agency, NGO, government or other – what contribution do you want to make to development? Put those thoughts to paper and send yourself an email time-capsule.